Come and visit our showroom in Ibiza to explore the possibilities and discover how a pneumatic elevator can elevate the level of comfort and elegance in your property.


Discover a new way to elevate the level of comfort in your property in Ibiza with our exclusive Pneumatic Elevator with up to five stops. Imagine the convenience of effortlessly moving between different levels of your home, enjoying a sophisticated design and advanced technology.

Our Pneumatic Elevator provides you with freedom of movement in impeccable style. From its spacious cabins to its silent and efficient operation, every detail has been carefully designed to offer you a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Moreover, this elevator can be installed without requiring major construction or structural modifications to your property, allowing you to enjoy its benefits without interruptions or delays.

Don’t wait any longer to enhance the accessibility and comfort in your home. Discover the possibilities that our Pneumatic Elevator with up to five stops can offer in your property in Ibiza.


Elevate your lifestyle now

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate the comfort in your property! Contact us now and discover how our Pneumatic Elevator can transform your home in Ibiza.

It takes 1-2 days to install

Up to five floors

environmentally friendly

Minimal maintenance

Versatility and space saving

No trench or walls required



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